What ASKM Publishing Do

An independent music publishing company with mainstream appeal

ASKM Publishing is an independent music publishing company that’s ASCAP affiliated. Founded and operated by singer, songwriter, composer, artist, music teacher and music publisher  A’Ishah Karriem aka A’Ishah Songstress. My mission at ASKM Publishing is to provide artists with the opportunity to protect his or her music while prospering from their craft. ASKM Publishing works with a wide range of artists from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, indie, mainstream, etc. ASKM Publishing has been established since 2009.  Services include:

  • Shopping song demos to A&R, major and independent labels, managers, producers, etc.
  • Promoting song singles and artists.
  • Creating Commercial Ad Music/ Working with Advertising Agencies.
  • Registering songs and masters for Copyright with U.S. Copyright Office
  • Issuing song licenses including mechanical, print, synchronization, public performance, compulsory and master.
  • Track song royalties including public performance, print, mechanical and digital.
  • Write, compose and produce songs.
  • Record and demonstrate vocal production for song demos.
  • Mentor artists, songwriters, etc. in regards to business side of music industry
  • And much more