The Most Hidden Songwriting Tips for a Great Hit

Easy Yet Hardly Mentioned Songwriting Tips that Works

7 amazing yet hidden songwriting tips for creating a hit.

Are you an aspiring  songwriter who seems to always stumble when writing your next hit? Are you an indie songwriter who can’t get over your writer’s block? Do you hear so many songs on the radio and ask yourself, “how did they come up with that?” Maybe you say to yourself, “why couldn’t I come up with that?” You’re not alone. All songwriters go through it. Even songwriters who seem to write hit after hit after hit. The only difference between successful, professional songwriters and yourself is they have methods and tips to overcome they’re stalling. This is what you’ll need to develop to become a highly, successful songwriter who can write a hit at the drop of a hat. Read these 7 easy yet hidden songwriting tips to help you write countless future hits.

1) Inspired by your own experiences

One of the most common songwriting tips that will help you write a great hit is to draw from inspiration. To literally be inspired by your own experiences. This songwriting tip isn’t a hidden secret to songwriting. However, how you go about writing from your own experiences may be a hidden songwriting tip. You’d be surprised how many songwriters still find it hard to be honest with themselves and speak their truth. Many songwriters don’t want to get too personal or expose themselves. However, digging into that deep place is where most masterpieces are written.

2) Inspired by other artist

This may seem like a songwriting tip for beginners but you’d be surprised how many fail to use this songwriting tip. A lot of songwriters want to be his or her own artist. They feel like taking from another songwriter makes them unoriginal. However, you can be inspired by another songwriter’s style  while still remaining true to yourself. Yes we all want individuality. But at times when we get stuck we should never be too proud to be influenced. There are more than one way to be inspired by a fellow songwriter. Maybe you don’t want to duplicate their exact songwriting ideas. Maybe you’re simply inspired by the fact that they take risks when writing. Maybe you like the creative topics they write about.

3) Borrow don’t sample

If you’re a songwriter, especially an independent songwriter you’re probably really against sampling. This is good. It means you’re original and creative. However, say one day you get stuck and can’t seem to write anything. What if this start to last for days, maybe a week? A very powerful songwriting tip that’s hardly spoken of is to borrow, not sample other songs. Let me explain the difference. Have you ever heard a song with a catchy melody you really like? You may continue to hum the melody in your head. By the time you get home and try to write original lyrics to that melody, you already forget exactly how it goes. If you were to be inspired by a song who’s melody you really love but didn’t duplicate it pound for pound, you’ve just created an original melody. This can be really easy to accomplish if you’re a songwriter that plays an instrument. All you have to do is change the tonic note, dominant tone or even key the melody is written in. If you continue to jazz the melody up and male it your own, by the time you write a complete song out of it you have a brand new melody. You have an original song. You didn’t sample because the music is now original. You simply borrowed inspiration. This idea is actually a songwriting tip from famous songwriters who are very successful.

Understanding the difference between borrowing inspiration and actually sampling music is a very important songwriting tip

4) Find an unusual place

This songwriting tip may come as a surprise. Finding a quiet, unusual place is a great way to step outside of yourself and write a phenomenal song. This is great if you’re a songwriter who likes to start off by writing song lyrics without music. You should find a quiet, discreet place. This songwriting tip is actually practiced more often than not by professionals and beginners. Some examples of unusual places songwriters have written hits are:

  • Bathroom
  • Closet
  • Attic
  • Creek
  •  Basement

5) One word titled songs

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to say. You just don’t know how to say it or where to begin. The words just don’t come out right. A beginner and professional songwriting tip would be to summarize the song. Think about the story you’re trying to tell and create a summary for it. Once you do that state what your song is about in 1 word. Simply sum the story of your what you’re attempting to tell in what word. Is it about infidelity, jealousy, love, happiness or heartbreak. Once you do that, then surprise you now have the title to your song. Now with the story in title established it should be easy to start writing the song. I usually would suggest not to title a song first before writing it for several reasons. However, if you go about it using this method then you can make an exception. Some of the biggest hits ever written were 1 word songs that summed up what the song was about. Below are a few examples.

Nelly and Kelly mega hit song “Dilemma” is a perfect example of songwriting tip where you give your song a 1 word title that sums up meaning of song.

6) Observe and write

One of the most amazing things about being an artist is you’re more in tune. Artists of any kind tend to be more observant and attentive. Learn how to apply those gifts to your gift as a songwriter. The next item on the list of songwriting tips is observing your surroundings and writing. If you’re stuck on a song or can’t come up with an idea, observe your atmosphere for inspiration. Songwriting doesn’t have to be about just your personal experiences. It can be about an experience you know of. It can be about an experience you simply see on the streets and analyze. Whether you’re analysis is right or wrong doesn’t matter. As long as you get a hit song out of it.

7) Writing lyrics down

Simply writing down notes without any music in mind is a great songwriting tip

The last hidden trick on the list if songwriting tips is to simply write lyrics down. This may seem common. However, I mean write lyrics down without even thinking about a melody. Don’t think about a catchy hook or beat to the lyrics. Just simply write down whatever it is you’re feeling. If you’re also wondering how to write a melody? This is a great tip to start with. Simply writing down the story, heart and lyrics to a song is ultimately brings the song to life. After you have a substantial amount of lyrics and notes about your song jotted down, now you can begin to formulate them. The more you play around with the words and structure the more a melody will come to you. Before you know it you’re completing your song. You’d be surprised how well this unusual songwriting tip actually works.

These 7 easy, unique songwriting tips are effective and guaranteed to work more times often than not. One of the reasons being is that these songwriting tips are designed to help you tap into your creative side. Apply these amazing songwriting tips with your own technique and style for extraordinary songwriting results.

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