Singing Tips for How To Master a Song

Amazing Singing Tips to Help You Master a Song

Think about your favorite song. Think about your favorite singer singing it. Doesn’t it amaze you every time. Isn’t it impressive watching a singer nail the same song over and over again every single time? Do you ever wonder to yourself how does he or she do that? Of course the singer may have a great voice. However, how do they hit the same notes identical to each other and create the exact same emotion each time? Yes it’s due to the singer’s talent. But believe it or not there’s also a technique to it. There are vocal techniques to help you master a song. Here is the step by step process on how to master a song with singing tips.

The Pitch

One of the best singing tips to master a song is to perfect the pitch. The best way to perfect the pitch is to get a copy of the song’s sheet music.

The most important aspect of a song is pitch. Pitch is actually the most important factor to singing in general. You can’t master or understand singing tips without understanding the importance of pitch. Pitch is the how high or low the sound is of a musical tone. Every note that comes out of one’s mouth when singing have a pitch. Sometimes low, sometimes high. When singing you have to know the correct pitch of the note you’re singing. This is the 1st step to mastering a song. You can’t master a song if you’re not singing the correct notes. In order to know what pitch you should be singing  you need to know 2 things:

  • What key the song is in
  • The name of the notes/pitches in the song

In order to accomplish both of these 2 items on the list you have to understand music theory. If you don’t know music theory there are other singing tips and alternatives to learn the pitch. Depending on how good your music ear is you can play it by ear and learn the pitch of each note. However, the best way to learn the pitch of all the notes is to print out the sheet music of your desired song to sing. Unless you have perfect pitch a lot of times you may think you know the pitch of a note but in actuality be incorrect. Simply following along to the music on the radio isn’t always good enough. However, if you have no knowledge of music theory or how to recognize pitch names then playing it by ear is your only choice. But if you have even entry level music theory knowledge then studying the pitch from the sheet music is the best option.

Quality of Notes

Once you have the pitch of the notes down, it’s now time to focus on the quality of the notes. Simply knowing that a word in the song is sung in E above middle C (E4) isn’t good enough. In order to master the song you have to perfect the pitch. A lot of times when you’re learning a song you simply talk it through. You don’t sing it at your best. This is fine to do initial. But in order to develop good vocal techniques around the song you have to polish the pitches. One of the best singing tips to help  you with the quality of the notes is practice. The more you practice the pitches after you learn them the more they’ll sound natural and free. Meaning if you have a song you’re singing and the 1st word comes in on middle C you want to really master the sound of middle C. You don’t want to just casually sing it like you would do when initially learning the pitch. You want to add quality and richness to the middle C note. This step should be completed after you learn all the proper pitches of the notes in the song of your choice.

Vocal Technique

Legendary vocalist Whitney Houston had an amazing vocal technique which allowed her to do extraordinary runs, trills and aerobics with her voice.

Now that you have the pitch and the quality of notes down focus on your vocal technique. Every great singer has their own vocal technique they apply to every song they sing. All your singing tips and coaching should be built around building your technique. Creating a lovely vocal technique will allow you to transition from one pitch to the next with ease and grace. The proper vocal technique will allow your tone to add richness and quality to the pitches you sing. Perfecting a vocal technique will help you breath better when singing, connect your notes that are different pitches more smoothly and help you sing all around better. Without a good singing technique you’ll simply be singing various notes one after another. It won’t become a full completed song. A great way to develop your technique is perform vocal exercises to improve singing. It has to be done consistently. In order to master a song you must have a solid vocal technique, as well as apply your learned singing tips. Some amazing vocalists who are known for powerful singing techniques are:

Sing with Emotion

The last factor to mastering a song is to add emotion. No matter how good your technique is or how many singing tips and tricks you do, without emotion is means nothing. You’ll simply be just a technique singer who sings from their head. Sometimes singing from your head is fine. However, the  best way to captivate an audience is to sing from your heart. The only way to do this is to apply emotion. This may seem difficult to achieve at initially. Maybe you can’t relate to what the song is about. Maybe you’re not comfortable getting lost in the story of what the song is about. However, this is the key to connecting with the audience. Every great singer who had a successful singing career knew how to sing with tremendous emotion. The reason why adding emotion is the last step is because it’s the only non-technical item on the list of singing tips. This singing tip revolves around your feelings. It also includes using your imagination. If you have a song about a topic you honestly can’t relate to the best way to apply emotion is to put yourself in that situation in the moment. The only way to achieve this method is to have every other step down pat. This way you won’t have to be trying to complete 3 or 4 steps at once. You’ll be able to focus solely on tapping into your emotion. You’d be surprised how many singer sing about experiences they’ve never felt.

These simple yet extremely important singing tips will allow you to master any song. Once you get the pitch, quality and emotion correct you’ll be able to nail the same song of your choice over and over again. Your overall performance skills will improve. Your singing technique in general will improve. Before you know it certain notes will be like 2nd nature to you and you’ll be able to hit certain notes simply off of muscle memory. Next time you want to select your favorite song to master just apply these great singing tips.

Even as a young child performer, legend Michael Jackson knew how to add emotion to every song he sang, even songs he never personally experienced.

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