Mogul: Learning the Music Business as an Independent Artist


Incredible how to guide on understanding the music business as an independent artist



Get excellent music business tips designed to educate and inform indie artists. Mogul: Learning the Music Business as an Independent Artist is a powerful book that explains how to prosper while still remaining independent. Now you can have complete control of your career with the tools to properly manage it. Written by A’Ishah Karriem aka A’Ishah Songstress, an independent singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, music teacher and music publisher. With a lifelong love of music, she’s been singing since 9 years old, and studying the business side since the age of 13 years old. This book briefly covers her journey as an artist and how she had to learn the ins and outs of the industry by herself. With this book you will be amazed at the extensive amount of knowledge you gain that will guarantee you success.

In this book includes detailed information on:

  • How to copyright your music
  • How to publish your music
  • The difference between copyrighting and publishing
  • How song splits work
  • The different type of music royalties
  • And much more


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