How To Set Your Singer Booking Prices

Step by Step Guide on Setting Singer Booking Prices

One of the most important factors to being a successful indie artist are your booking events. After all, in order to be an indie artist and control your own career you have to have events you’re doing. In order for these events to work out and you benefit as the artist your booking rates are very vital. How you set your prices can determine how successful the event will be. It can also determine if your career will flourish or decline. The reality is many singers, rappers, musicians, etc. don’t know how to set their prices when being booked for an event. Here are some great tips on singer booking and other type of artist booking prices.

5 different tips on how to set your booking prices as an indie artist.

Artist/ Singer Booking By the Hour

The reality is there is no strictly correct way to set your artist or singer booking prices. There are many options you can go with on how to set your booking prices. It doesn’t matter if you’re an underground rapper, solo singer, a jazz band, a wedding singer for hire or an independent songwriter; you can set up your booking prices how you want. However, it’s important to understand all your options and weigh them out before you come to a decision. One of the most popular singer booking options is to book by the hour. Many music artist booking prices are strictly by the hour. This is one of the most common options because it guarantees that you’ll get paid for your time. Whether you’re a singer for hire, a rapper, musician or songwriter pricing by the hour is always an options. When setting booking prices by the hour ask yourself this 1 question:

How much is an hour of my time worth?

Once you have the answer to this question then you can set your hourly booking prices. If you feel like an hour of your time is worth $20, then set your singer booking prices or artist prices to $20 an hour. If you feel like your worth $30 an hour, set your hourly rate to $30 an hour. Also take into consideration the time it’ll take to travel to and from the event.

The most popular way to set your artist? singer booking prices is by the hour

Artist/ Singer Booking By the Event

Another great artist or singer booking price option is to book by the event. With this option the prices would fluctuate based on the event. Of course, the more casual and entry level the event is the cheaper the price would be. Now if you were to get booked at a national event such as OdundeThe BET Experience or any hot commodity event, the booking price would be higher. Then there’s always medium level events where you really have to be careful how you set the price. You want to always make sure you’re being fair to yourself and your client. When setting booking price by the event as an artist ask yourself this one question:

“How much am I investing in this event?”

Meaning do I have to carry a lot to do this event? Do I need a huge entourage (who more thank likely you’ll have to pay) for this event? How far is this event from my home? Once you have these questions answered then you can start setting your prices. For a small, hometown event such as a family day picnic, carnival, etc. a good price would be $40-75 dollars. For a large event that has a huge platform, you can start at at least $250 dollars. Ultimately the decision is up to you.

Artist/ Singer Booking By Your Reputation

Indie artists who are more successful than the average one and already have a great reputation can set their prices higher than other indie artists.

Another option to set your artist or singer booking prices is by your reputation. If you’re a relatively popular independent artist you have more control on how you set your booking prices. For example if you’re a successful singer for hire and have already won the heart of the many audiences, you can set your booking rates how you want them. This also applies to rappers, musicians, songwriters, etc. This option may take a little longer than the other options to reach because it involves building your brand and reputation. However, this option also allows you to have complete control over your career as an indie artist. One thing to keep in mind. No matter how great your reputation is you still shouldn’t make your booking prices sky high. Yes you may be a successful indie artist however, the reality is you’re still not a worldwide successful such as Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey. With this being said you should make your prices suite your reputation yet are reasonable for your client.

Artist/ Singer Booking By Your Creative Involvement

A less popular method to set your booking prices as an indie artist is to based it off of how involved your are with the project. Some artists are very involved with every aspect of their career. They’re more than just artists, they’re visionaries. They have a voice in the stage set up, the event theme, the song selection, the band, etc. This requires time, dedication and hard work. If you’re this type of artist you certainly should include this in your booking pricing. It takes a lot to focus on your artistry and also be involved with the creative side. It also makes it easier on the event planners and organizers. Due to this you should incorporate this factor into your prices. If you have an event where you initially want to charge $50 to attend the event, but you’re involved with the creative process you should raise the price to at least $75. This covers the extra time you’re taking out to work behind the scenes and you’re additional talents you’re bringing to the table.

Indie artists who are more involved with the creative process should incorporate this skill into their booking prices

These artist booking tips and options are just the beginning for indie artists. As you grow and become more experienced you’ll be able to use your own judgement and price your events accordingly. The prices may always fluctuate depending on your level of success, experience, event size and many more factors. However, use these 5 options as a blueprint.

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