Great Singing Tips for Performing On Stage

Easy, Singing Tips for Powerful Stage Performance

Have you ever watched a live performance of someone singing and marveled in how good they were? Have you ever thought “look how good they sing live.” Has it ever seen so good that it was almost unreal. Like maybe no one but that particular singer could sing live on stage like that. Yes the singer maybe extremely talented and naturally good performing on stage. Yes this is a gift. However, this amazing singer is also applying a good vocal technique. Learn 7 great singing tips for performing on stage.

1) Having confidence

Singer Beyonce is a great example of singing tip having confidence while on stage.

Any professional singer with a successful singing career will tell you the most important singing tip is having confidence. Having confidence can literally make or break your stage performance. It doesn’t matter how good you are. If you don’t have confident your performance will go flat. The reason why having confidence is #1 on the list of singing tips is because it creates your energy when performing. The reason people can sense your confidence from a mile away is due to the fact that confidence is a feeling and feelings create energy. We all can pick up on different energies and vibrations. If you’re on stage singing and you lack confidence the crowd will instantly feel it. They’ll pick up on it and it will destroy your performance. When looking at other singers on stage notice the 1 thing they all have in common is confidence. No matter how good they are. No matter what genre they’re singing. No matter the tempo of the song. They have amazing confidence regardless. The key to gaining confidence is to practice like crazy long before you ever hit the stage. This way by the time your on stage you know your performance and song like the back of your hand. You also have to tell yourself you’re good. No matter how boastful or arrogant it may sound you have to know you’re great.

2) Singing with emotions

Singing with emotion is another amazing singing tip. No matter how good your voice is. No matter how much you’ve practiced if you lack emotion your performance will go flat and you won’t connect with your audience. Some of the greatest vocalists of all time sing with strong emotion every time he or she is on stage. The emotion can vary. It doesn’t have to be overly sad or feeling down. The emotion can be happy, excited, in love, confused, etc. But the key is to genuinely feel whatever it is you’re singing. You have to find a way to make the audience believe what it is you’re singing. This is how they connect with you as the singer. Tips to help sing better doesn’t only apply to vocal technique or the physical body. Singing tips can also apply to how you handle yourself mentally and emotionally on stage. The best way to pull out real emotion when singing on stage is to understand the story the song is telling. Once you understand the story find a way to apply it to your own life. Even if you haven’t experienced it moment for moment, find a connection and sing your experience.

during the 2008 MusiCares Person of the Year Honors Aretha Franklin at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 8, 2008.

3) Holding the microphone

Another technique very important on the list of singing tips is holding the microphone. One of the easiest yet effective ways to sing better while on stage depends on how you hold the microphone. This vocal singing tip does apply to the physical aspect of singing. Holding the mic correctly is guaranteed to help with your vocal tone, volume, voice projection and stamina. Even if you’re already a great singer, if you don’t hold the microphone like a professional your public performance could make a turn for the worst. You may say “how do I hold the mic?” and “how does it help to improve my voice on stage?” Well holding the mic allows you to sing low and soft but still powerful enough for the audience to hear you. Instead of straining your voice and singing loud to get the crowd to hear you, simply hold the mic very close to your mouth as you sing. This way you’re singing soft, you’re not putting any strain on your voice while the audience still gets to hear you clearly. As you began to go into the song and get louder gradually pull the mic away from your mouth. This way while you’re projecting your voice it doesn’t sound overbearing or like yelling to the audience. The idea length the mic should be is 2 inches away from your mouth.

While singing on stage the microphone should be held relatively close to your mouth.

4) Making eye contact

This item on the list of singing tips may come as a surprise. However, don’t make eye contact with anyone in the audience (initially). Let me explain. Soon as you walk on stage and begin to sing if you everyone eyes are pierced on you. If you make eye contact with anyone in particular before you even open your mouth to sing your searching for their response. If the look on their face is negative or a look that implies they’re doubting your singing now you’re already insecure before you even open your mouth to sing. Most people envy singers, so if you look at the audience expecting them to support you before you even start to sing it won’t happen, then you’ll get discouraged. The best thing to do is close your eyes and get lost in the song at the beginning. Or stare off into space. Stare in the audience but not at anymore in particular. Focus on a certain area in arena or stadium you’re singing in. Then once you get into the song you can make eye contact with several audience members. As the song goes on in your performance the audience will let you know if you’re doing good or not. But don’t stare at people in the audience before you even start to sing cause more than likely you’re searching for acceptance from a song you haven’t even performed yet.

5) Head and chin slightly lifted

Your voice is an instrument. It’s a special type of instrument that sits inside your body. This means your body is in unison with your voice. This mean certain movements you do with your body can enhance or hinder your singing voice. Many singing tips that require how you position certain parts of your body tends to get overlooked. Keeping your head and chin slightly lifted is an amazing singing tip for performing on stage. When performing live the audience knows everything. You have no chance to mess up or make a mistake. This is why every little thing you do to enhance your voice is vital. If you’re ever worked with a vocal teacher or did vocal exercises to improve singing what I’m about to explain will all make sense. When you sing your voice is suppose to go somewhere. Although your voice isn’t a physical object you should imagine it actually traveling somewhere as you sing. Where your voice is suppose to go is up from your stomach, through your mouth and towards your upper mouth (soft palate). This isn’t as easy as described. To achieve this task how you position your body when singing is the key. To get your voice to theoretically go to the roof of your mouth/soft palate and flow out beautifully, it’s all in how you position your head area. Don’t put your head and chin all the way up. Just slightly have your chin lifted. The best way to think of it is hold your chin like you’re standing tall and proud. This will help with on stage voice projection, tone, diction and overall confidence.

6) Close your eyes

Have you ever noticed a lot of great singers when singing on stage close their eyes at the beginning of the song. This is because they’re literally getting lost in the music. They’re connecting with the song they’re singing. It also helps relieve nervousness and tension. An amazing singing tip that’s been proven to help stage performance is initially closing your eyes. You don’t have to do it the entire time you’re singing. Just do it enough until you’re comfortable and officially in your zone. Don’t mistake closing your eyes for lacking confidence or being scared. Some of the greatest singers with the best stage presence have closed their eyes many times when performing live on stage. They include:

Legendary Whitney Houston is a great example of closing your eyes when singing on stage to get lost in your song.

7) Work entire stage

Another vital singing tip to help bring an amazing and polished performance is to work entire stage. This means exactly what it says. When you’re singing use the entire stage as your platform. Don’t just stand in 1 spot. In the beginning it’s fine to stand in 1 area. But after the 1st verse or after the beat drops you should be gradually moving from one point of the stage to the other. Remember you have an entire room to fill. You don’t want just the middle section of the audience to connect with you. You want the entire room to connect with you. This means you have to cover all grounds. You achieve this goal by singing from the left, right and middle area of the stage. It doesn’t matter if you’re singing a fast or slow song. You always work the entire stage.

These simple yet amazing singing tips for performing on stage is just the beginning. There are countless singing tips and techniques to giving a great performance. However, in my opinion these performing singing tips top the list. Apply these tips and notice you’ll be able to perform and sing better instantly. Not to mention the wonders it’ll do for your confidence and stage presence.

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