Youth Piano Recital
May 27, 2023
3:30 pm
The Leake Center
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Muhammad Study Group of Chester Presents The Youth Piano Recital

The 1st student to start off the Youth Piano Recital was Ansyl Kabba performing “The entertainer.”

Elijah Karriem of Muhammad Study Group of Chester gives some encouraging words to the piano students before their performances.

Saturday, May 27th, 2023 was an amazing day to remember. It was on this day that ASKM Publishing  Youth Piano Recital presented by Muhammad Study Group of Chester, PA happened. Pianist, teacher, singer and songwriter A’Ishah Songstress had all of her piano students perform for a sold out audience. This included her private in-person and virtual students. As well as her students from George’s Music Store. (She also gives piano lessons there too.)

Tajah Freeman performing “Ode to joy”

The purpose of the piano recital was to showcase the piano and musical talents of all her students. That goal was certainly accomplished. There wasn’t one unimpressed face in the crowd. From performing American classics such as “The entertainer“, to classical pieces like “Ode to joy” and modern songs such as “The Halloween theme song.” Every child who performed at the recital did a tremendous job. The hours of practicing scales, intervals, arpeggios, chord progressions and more paid off. These piano exercises can sometimes seem boring and unnecessary. However, when it’s time to show up and give a great performance, you see just how important they are.

Kabir Abdullah-Muhammad performing “The donkey”

Kailand Jones performing “Good king wencelas”


Sylton Kabba performing “The marine’s hymn”

A’Ishah Songstress aka A’Ishah Karriem, who’s classically trained herself, prides herself on teaching her students classical, advanced piano drills and music theory with a modern, fun spin that allows them to play any genre of music. Her techniques can be applied to any age at any level. This was evident with the piano recital. As her students range from ages 5-17 years old. She’s also very proud to have a variety of ages that all still represents youth. The youth is very important and holds the key to our future.

Sylny Kabba performing “A happy song”

Akhirah Muhammad performing “Waltzing elephants”

Perhaps the most rewarding part about the Youth Piano Recital was seeing the proud parents and the satisfactory coming from the audience. Every last parent was so proud of their child. They all celebrated how well their child did. It brought piano teacher A’Ishah great joy to see how pleased the parents were. A’Ishah’s own parents who attended the recital was also very pleased and proud. Every one in the audience loved it. It was positive vibes flowing throughout the entire atmosphere.  There were so many rave reviews. It’s been several weeks since the piano recital took place, yet people are still reaching out to say how nice it was. Everyone was so impressed with how well the students played.

Alim Muhammad, one of A’Ishah Songstress virtual piano students perform “Largo”

Sylan Kabba performing “Just a second”

This event could not have been possible without the help and support of Muhammad Study Group of Chester. They presented the recital and allowed for it to be held at their location. They also have a fundraising committee who played a major role in the success of this event. Some notable names to mention from the study group are Student Minister Keith Muhammad, Elijah Karriem, Khadyjah Karriem and Joan Muhammad. Particularly Khadyjah Karriem, a talented event planner, who played an extremely great role in orchestrating the recital and making sure it was a success.

Tehran Freeman Jr. performing the song “From the new world”

Elijah Johnson performing “The halloween theme song” with the famous mask to match.

The Youth Piano Recital has successfully come and gone. However, there will be plenty more in the future. This is just the beginning. As the old saying goes, “the best is yet to come.” We plan on having more piano recitals in the future to continue to showcase A’Ishah’s student talents and growth. We also hope to inspire others to explore the world of music a

Student Minister Keith Muhammad gives some encouraging last words after all the piano students performed.

nd get familiar with a variety of genres. Most importantly we hope to spread love, joy and positivity.




Piano teacher A’Ishah Songstress with her family, brother Elijah Karriem, sister Khadyjah Karriem who played a major influence in making the piano recital a success, and her father and mother.