8 Brilliant Tips on Practicing for a Professional Singer

Learn the key to practicing for better results as a professional singer

No matter what profession you are in you always have to practice. Practice is imperative. The only way to become great is through extensive practicing. However, there is a method to practicing. It’s not something you should just do sporadically. There are guidelines to practicing. There are ways to make sure your practice is bringing you great results. As a professional singer one of the most important aspects of your career will be practice. No matter how great you may already be you’ll have to put a lot of time into practicing. You’ll have to make sure you practice with a purpose. Many would be surprised at the amount of singers that still don’t practice accurately. Here are 8 brilliant tips on how to practice as a professional singer for better results.

1) Positive atmosphere

Being surrounded by positivity is a must for practicing as a professional singer

Believe it or not the most important part about practicing as a professional singer is your atmosphere. You must be in a positive atmosphere. As simple as this may sound. It’s not always as easy. You’d be surprised how me aspiring singers are around a lot of negativity. Or how many singer don’t have a positive location to practice. For example, you wouldn’t practice at a location where musicians and singers aren’t really welcomed. As a vocalist who desires to one day become a professional singer you want to practice where the atmosphere aligns with your goals. An ideal location would be a music hall, musician’s club or even home somewhere in a quiet room. You also want to make sure your mindset is positive and you’re far away from harsh critics.

2) Correct practice

We’ve all heard the classic saying “practice makes perfect.” Well that’s not necessarily true. Correct practice makes perfect. You can practice for countless hours but if you’re not practicing properly it won’t help you get better. Correct practice makes perfect. Proper practice makes perfect. In order to achieve this you have to be sure you’re using the right technique as a professional singer and then practice and master that technique. That’s how you’ll know if you’re on the right track. That’s the only way to seem a difference in your talent. The best singer of all time still had to make sure he or she were practicing accurately. As much as singing is a natural talent, it’s also a skill that has to be done correctly. The best way to know if you’re practicing correctly is to make sure you’re singing correctly. The best way to know if you’re singing correctly is to have a vocal coach or mentor. You can also reference amazing music books and video tutorial if you don’t have access to a vocal coach. There are also many amazing vocal coaches online with free Youtube videos. Below are a list of a few videos that explains the proper way to sing and the basis of singing. In order to practice singing as a professional singer you must 1st have the basics down pact.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Correct practice makes perfect. Be sure you’re singing correctly and from your diaphragm whenever you practice as a professional singer.

3) Have an itinerary

When you’re practicing as an aspiring professional singer you should always have an itinerary. Never just start practicing randomly. You should have several specifics in order. Everything may not go like clockwork. However, you should at least have a tentative time. Before you start practicing you should have the following figured out:

  • Practice location
  • Practice time
  • How long you intend to practice?
  • How many songs you’re going to practice?
  • What’s your primary goal for this particular practice?
  • Set list of songs to sing listed

4) Have a vocal coach or mentor

Amazing vocal coach Cheryl Porter who has worked with many professional singers is the perfect example of why all vocalists need a vocal coach.

One of the most common questions asked is “how do I start a singing career?” Well one of the main things you should be if you want to succeed as a professional singer is to get a vocal coach. Many believe if they can already sing this isn’t necessary. However, the greatest singers of all time have vocal coaches. It’s a feature all professional vocalists have. No only do all professional singers have vocal coaches. All professionals in every field have a coach. This goes for athletes, actors, scientists, etc.  This isn’t to say every time you practice your vocal teacher have to be there. However, you do want to make sure you’re meeting with him or her at least once a week. This way they can give you tips on what to do when they’re not around. They’ll be able to let you know if you’re improving or not. They’ll also be able to correct any mistakes you may be making as a singer.

5) Warm-ups

As a professional singer the one thing you must do before you practice singing is warm-ups. This is a necessity for all singers. As mentioned before, just like athletes and all other professions warm-up before they start. The same goes with singing. Warm-ups help prepare your voice for singing. It also protects your vocal cords from any potential strain or damage. It will also allow you to sing longer in the future because it helps with the maintenance of your voice. There are countless warm-ups you can do before you practice singing. The best way to figure out which ones to go with is to know what your voice needs. Below are great Youtube tutorials demonstrating a variety of vocal warm-ups.

As a professional singer it’s very important to do vocal warm-ups every time you practice.

6) Have a target area

When you practice as a singer make sure you have a targeted area. This means you have a specific element of your voice that you want to improve. Yes you want all of your voice to be great. But you also want to strengthen whatever it is that may be your current weakness at the time. Maybe you want to improve your head voice. So you work on your high notes more extensively. Perhaps you want to become a stronger belter. Whatever area it is you think needs more improvement is the area you want to put extra time and attention to. Trust me there are a list of r&b and pop singers that do this when practicing. Don’t think that this somehow disregards your natural vocal talent.

7) Be consistent

The legendary Michael Jackson was known for his extensive amount of practicing and consistency, which is very much needed to become a great professional singer.

No matter how good your vocal practicing may have went. If you do it just one time. Or if you do it only occasionally you won’t see an improvement. The only way to see a difference is to be consistent. All professional vocalists and artists are consistent with their practicing. The legendary Michael Jackson was known for his consistent and extensive practice. He was noted for practicing at least 8 hours a day and that was even during the time period when he wasn’t touring or preparing for a special show. He’s also practiced consistently ever since he was a child. This allowed singing and dancing to become 2nd nature to him when it was time to perform.

8) Be confident

Confident is arguably the greatest key to excelling as a singer. No matter how much you practice. No matter how good you are. If you’re not confident and believe in yourself nothing else will matter. The most successful singers of all time have one thing in common. They’re all very confident in themselves. They believe in their talent and they don’t let others discourage them. Don’t think that confidence is only something that should be saved for an actual show. You show be just as confident during practice. As someone once told me “you’re only going to do on stage what you do in practice.” With that being said make sure you’re confident as you practice. Extraordinary vocalist Whitney Houston famous for her remarkable voice was also noted for having amazing confidence while performing.

Iconic vocalist Whitney Houston was not only known for her extraordinary voice. She was also known for having amazing confidence.

When it comes to becoming the best singer you can possibly be. Taking your talent to the next level. As well as mastering the art of practicing. Don’t stop with these 8 tips. There are countless tips and skills you can use to make the most out of your practicing. These tips are also not just for professional vocalists. You can be a rapper, professional songwriter, musician, etc. and apply these tips to enhance your talent.

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