10 Benefits of a producer for professional singers

Why it’s important to have your own producer as a professional singer

Can you think of a famous singer who always seems to come out with a hit? It appears that musically, everything they touch turns to gold. A lot of factors contribute to that hit. Of course one of them being the singer’s natural God given voice. However, there are other contributing factors too. One of them being that he or she is working with a great producer. A producer they have built a great connection with. If you want to become a successful singer, you need a great producer to work with. All professional singers have at least 1-3 producers they can easily go to. Learn the 10 benefits of a producer for professional singers.

What does a music producer do?

Before we list all the reasons why it’s important to have your own producer as a professional singer. Let’s first establish exactly what a music producer do. A music producer makes the beats to a song as well as help to develop the project. This includes gathering the musicians, selecting the song choice and providing guidance for the vocals. A beat maker simple makes the beat. A producer helps with the entire vision.

1) Makes custom beats

One of the greatest benefits of having your own producer as a professional singer is your access to custom beats. A lot of R&B singers who don’t have music producers they can rely on use already created instrumentals. This is fine for the time being. However, as an artist there comes a time when you’re going to want a beat that’s completely original. This is why working with your own music producer is very important.

Professional singer and songwriter A’Ishah Songstress in the studio with music producer

2) Can make a beat based off your description

If you’re a singer/songwriter meaning you write your own songs you sing. Having your own producer you can create with is extremely important. You’ll need original beats to accompany your lyrics. As the songwriter you may have came up with the lyrics and melody. However, you’ll need a producer to make the actual beat for you. If you have original lyrics it’s going to be hard to write to an instrumental. But you can work with a producer and tell him how you want your beat to sound. This is a custom beat that the producer can create based off your description. This is actually what a lot of professional singers already do. Legendary artists like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey are famous for doing this.

The most famous iconic and professional singer Michael Jackson with legendary producer Quincy Jones.

3) Give you your own sound

When you find a producer to work with and build a relationship with, they can give you your own sound. So many legendary, professional singers have built their own sound based around a special producer they work with. This is because when you work with someone and establish a partnership, you began to develop a signature sound. Whereas, if you work with random or bunch of different producers no real bond is created. This makes it hard for the producer to give you your own sound. Working with the same producer on a consistent basis allows them to learn you and your voice.

4) Great coaching

Another benefit of having your own music producer you can go to as a singer is the great coaching you’ll receive. A great producer knows how to coach the vocalist he or she is working with. The producer will be able to tell you if the song compliments your voice. He or she can tell you what direction you may want to go with a certain section of the song vocally. They should also be able to tell you if you’re flat or sharp when singing.

5) Develop great chemistry

professional singers toni braxton and babyface with producer l.a. reid
Toni Braxton who has a great relationship with songwriters and producer Babyface and L.A. Reid was able to get her own sound created by them due to their great chemistry.

Having a personal relationship with a producer you work with on the regular develops great chemistry. This isn’t to say you can’t work with no other producer ever. However, working with a producer that you now have a bond with will create great chemistry in the studio. Having this connection makes a major difference in the quality of the work. No matter how good the vocals and music sound. If you as the singer and the producer don’t have any chemistry. The final touches on the record won’t be as good. A great example of this Toni Braxton with Babyface and L.A Reid. These three legends have been collaborating with each other for years with Toni Braxton as the singer, and Babyface and L.A Reid as the songwriters and producers. Their chemistry is amazing. They knows her voice, what songs compliments her style and how to bring out her very best. The chemistry between them is so great that during her debut it was a rumor that Toni Braxton and Babyface were dating.

6) Oversee creative direction

Another benefit of having your own producer is having someone oversee the creation direction. Professional singers always make sure their work has a certain level of quality. In order to do that you’ll need someone to oversee the creative direction. Most of the time, it’s the music producer. You can do it yourself. Or collaborate with the producer as he or she does it. But ideally, it’s good to have your music producer hand the creative direction. This is called the executive producer. Most executive producers are also the producer of the songs on an album. If you’re wondering what the creative directions covers. Some of the areas include:

  • Song choice
  • Musicians
  • Vocal arrangements
  • Recording schedule
  • Lead singles

7) Care about your project

If you’re a professional singer or aspiring to be one, you want to make sure your project is done right. You want to be sure the producer is actually putting care into your project. Well working with your own music producer, allows you to build a relationship where they will put care into your project. So many singers have horror stories of working with random producers who literally just “pushed buttons”, as they worked together in the studio. That’s a no-no. That lack of quality and care will definitely show in the final results of your work.

8) Knows your voice

When you work with a designated producer that producer soon knows your voice. This is a great connection to have as a professional singer. You want a producer that knows your voice very well when recording with them. They can tell you when you’re flat or sharp. What sound compliments your voice. What vocal risks would be good to take, and which ones to stay away from. Whereas working with a random producer who doesn’t know you well, may not know what’s best for your voice.

9) Connect you to others/ Networking

Having a music producer you work with on the regular is great for networking purposes. Once you establish a repertoire with a producer, he or she can connect you with others. You hear about so many infamous stories of people meeting want another, becoming very close and come to find out they were introduced by a mutual friend. I personally met my phenomenal vocal coach, Sherry Wilson Butler through one of my main producers I work with, Samori Coles.

10) Make magic

The last but certainly not least benefit of working with your own music producer is the magic you create. All the benefits listed above collectively make up this benefit. You make magic together and that’s the most important part. You build a connection, a bond, they learn your voice, you get in sync with each other. Then the magic happens. Anyone can make a good song and get a beatmaker to simply put a catchy beat behind it. However, it takes a special creative team to make magic. Music that stands the test of time. Some of the most loved songs ever were created by professional singers and producers who made magic together. Below are just some examples listed.

Mariah Carey and Jermain Dupri have a great relationship where he knows her voice and what songs compliment her. Together these two have made magic together.
  • The Temptations and Smokey Robinson
  • Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones
  • Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri
  • Mariah Carey and L.A Reid
  • Whitney Houston and L.A. Reid
  • Whitney Houston and Babyface
  • Toni Braxton and Babyface
  • Brandy and Rodney Jerkins

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